Posted by: Sarah Keogh | July 4, 2008

Lomo Ring Flash

My second Lomography purchase was the Lomo Ring Flash. I bought it to accompany my fisheye camera, and together they make a pretty amazing pair. I mainly got this to add a little more flash to my indoor/night time photos, but the diffusion rings make it all the more fun! You get white (great for reducing over-exposure), red, blue and yellow diffusion rings as well as a selection of colour gel filters to mix it up.

Although I bought this for my fisheye it is also compatible with LC-A, LC-A+, Diana and Holga (hotshoe or colour flash) – the flash comes with adapters for these models. It works via your cameras external hotshoe or built-in slave trigger, requires x2 AA batteries and away you go.

Purchased From: Lomography Society
Gallery: Flickr Lomo RingFlash Group

Note: You might want to warn your friends that they’ll be seeing four square lights in their eyes for a little while after you take their photo.

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